What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X by Hilda Hutcherson

by Chandranil
(Calgery, Canada)

I would like to appeal to all girls to read this book before they enter into their sexual lives for the first time. The author of this book is not only a writer, she is the Director of New York Center for Women's Sexual Health. I believe that girls who read this book will feel a qualitative change in themselves regarding sex.

Actually, often what we perceive about an event, science claims the opposite of it. This book is a fine example of this fact. This book contains those facts regarding sex that are generally learned by a girl from her mother as well as those that are not conveyed by her mother. And very often a mother teaches her daughter just the opposite of what would prepare her regarding dating, sex, or contraceptives.

The time I got this book, I became a fan of it. I am sure that any girl who gets a copy of this book would become a fan and follower of this book too.

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