What is YOUR True Love Soulmate Story?

Writing a TRUE LOVE SOULMATE STORY is one of the best Law of Attraction and Relationship processes for manifesting your soulmate. This is a great piece of dating advice and a fun process to do!

By now you should have made your Who Is My Soulmate List, and marked which ones are Must Haves, and finally, you've made your List of Deal Breakers. It's time now to make a second pass and add anything you forgot and delete anything you can live without.

This is your final "Who Is My Soulmate" List -- which, of course, you can change or add to as you have dating experiences! And if you haven't done that yet, go back and click on those links and do it. I'll wait right here for you!

According to Abraham-Hicks (link opens in a new window), if you are interesting in manifesting your soulmate (or anything else for that matter), one of the best ways to ALLOW what you want into your life is to "tell a new story" about it. They call this your "Vibrational Escrow story" or your "Vortex story" because telling that story and feeling good about it gets you into your Vortex. (Your "Vibrational Escrow" or "Vortex" is the Universe's holding place for everything you want where it has already been created and is just waiting for you to allow it into your life. See the Law of Attraction Page for more about this.)

I like to call this "MY TRUE LOVE SOULMATE STORY".

The idea is that instead of focusing on your "current reality" or "WHAT IS" (like not having any dates or not having met your ideal man yet), you focus on your "vibrational" reality or "WHAT YOU WANT" (and what you want is for the Law of Attraction to bring you a relationship with your true love soulmate!)

The point of the True Love Soulmate Story is that when you read it, YOU FEEL GOOD -- you feel like, "Ah, there you are. I know you are here with me now. I can already feel what it is like to be together. You are awesome!" And then you let go and let the Universe do it's job coordinating all the components of the how, when, and where you will meet your ideal guy. You allow the Law of Attraction to bring you the relationship you want.

When you feel good about what you want and you let go of the outcome, you are in your Vortex, where your soulmate relationship is and if you are in your Vortex, it HAS to show up!

But, there is a caveat... if you only focus on your new story for the sole purpose of manifesting your soulmate and not just because it feels good to focus on it, you send a signal to the Universe that says, "I'm doing this process because I DON'T have what I want yet," and the Universe hears, "Give me more of I DON'T have what I want!" The Universe doesn't hear "yes" or "no" or thoughts, per se; it only hears what you are focusing on with EMOTION and if you are focusing on it because you are acutely aware that you don't have it, you are sending a negative emotion.

The idea is that you should be focusing on your true love soulmate story for the sheer pleasure it gives you! IT SHOULD MAKE YOU FEEL REALLY GOOD WHEN YOU READ IT! Ideally, you should get into a place of feeling soooo good that you don't care whether or not your guy is going to show up! I know that that sounds like a crazy paradox! But, it is only when you are feeling so good, happy, and blissful and you have relinquished control to the Law of Attraction about that relationship, that the Universe hears, "Give me more to happy about!" and your guy will show up - and quickly too!

Ok, so here's an example of telling a true love soulmate story about MY Vibrational Escrow Man based on my "Who Is My Soulmate List" that ALWAYS makes me feel good when I read it:


All I want to do is think about my true love soulmate -- the awesome man in my vortex!! I can't wait to meet him! I bet he's looking forward to meeting me too and having a wonderful relationship together! He's the man I've waited my whole life to be with!! And I'm the woman he's waited his whole life to be with!!! When we meet, it will be like we've known each other forever!! He is a guy who I will be happy and satisfied with for a lifetime and he feels the same way about me! We have similar goals and values so we grow together as time goes on.

When I think about his wonderful qualities, I can't help but be joyful!! He's smart and funny and he laughs at everything, especially my jokes. He understands me. He gets me and my sense of humor. He's so easy to talk to and we never run out of conversation. WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER! He's open and honest and forthright with me about everything. He's reliable, responsible, trustworthy, respectful of me, my time, and my things, and he always makes me feel important and like a priority to him. And of course, he's super snuggly and spoons me to fall asleep.

I think he's a hottie and when I look at him I think, "He's so beautiful". He's super attracted to me too and thinks I'm beautiful. He tells me that I'm pretty, beautiful and gorgeous and how much he loves my body and my personality. He's physical affection as much as me and the same ways and loves to trade massages and baby rubs the way I like. And he loves to kiss all the time and he's a yummy kisser -- when I kiss him I think, "I could kiss this man for the rest of my life!" and he's a close second words of affirmation and tells me what I like to hear and responds to mine as well.

We always have such a great time together -- talking about everything, agreeing on things that are important to me and laughing and giggling about everything. He is my best friend! He takes my jokes and adds to them. We crack each other up!

He's doing well financially and he's happy with his work and current career path and plans on continuing on it because it brings him joy! And he's good with his money. He's a powerful manifestor and he knows it. He has friends and family that support him and love him. He loves Los Angeles and plans on staying here. He's neat and clean, but not obsessive. He has savings and he's good with his money, and never cheap, and buys things to provide for me and pays for nice things for me.

He knows that "nothing is more important than that I feel good" and he understands the Law of Attraction and manifestation and that he creates his own reality. Most of all, he knows how to keep himself feeling happy and positive about his life.

He eats healthfully like I do. He exercises regularly and takes good care of his body. He loves to do activities with me. We have a good time together even doing the most mundane things like cleaning the house or grocery shopping. He buys me flowers just because he wants to make me happy. He takes me out and asks questions to get to know me. He is my social calendar and he plans great things for us to do that we both enjoy. He loves the outdoors and can't wait to go boogie boarding and rollerblading with me in the summer, plus hiking and camping and he loves to take road trips and explore different places and he's a really good trip partner!! He's happy and joyous all the time! I'm happy and joyous all the time and together we are blissful!

I'm so in love with him already. He's supportive of my personal growth work and wants to deepen our relationship emotionally and takes action to do so.

Our sex life is amazing! He really listens to me when I explain what I like and he DOES what I like and he's GREAT at it! He makes love to me and I feel cherished and adored! God, it's so great to have the perfect sex partner who only wants to be with me!!

His positive aspects are easy to recall at all times. He's easy to love and he's emotionally warm and close and easy to talk to and easy to be around and happy and in love with me too. He is ALL IN from the get-go! He calls me every day and sometimes a couple of times a day just to say hi and see how I'm doing. And he wants to be in a serious relationship with me. He loves me like no one else ever has! We meet and we are DONE, COMPLETE AND THE CIRCLE OF LIFE IS FINISHED! He not only wants to marry me, provide for me, take care of me, and love me forever, but HE DOES THOSE THINGS! AND, that remains constant and our love deepens and grows as times goes on… this is the relationship I've waited my life to have and I'm loving every minute of it! I have finally found my true love soulmate!

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Whew! I feel happy just re-reading that!

But, let me ask you… Did this bring up any resistance for you? Does it all sound like a pipe dream? Did it sound like I was being too picky or unrealistic? Did you think at any time, "Yeah, guys like THAT don't even EXIST!" If any negative feelings came up while reading the example of my true love soulmate story, then… PERFECT! It just means that you need to release resistance or eliminate doubt.

Resistance and/or doubts are the things that makes true love soulmate stories NOT work: If you are re-reading your True Love Soulmate Story and you feel a sense of "WHEN will that be ME?" or "This is never going to happen" or some other negative feeling, of course it won't work! You will get more of what you are focusing on! This is one of the pieces missing from The Secret movie and I'll be talking about releasing resistance and doubt in detail in another section (link to page coming soon).

For now, create your own True Love Soulmate Story and write down any negative thoughts or doubts that come up.

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