Should I wait for him to come around or let go?

by Lisa

Question: My boyfriend has stopped communicating with me. We have been dating for three months and I thought we were pretty serious. He owns a business and can get stressed about that. Last communication I got was that he loved me and missed me but haven't heard from him in a month. Should I wait for him to come around or move on with my life?

Answer from Coach Theresa: Hi there, Lisa. Sorry to hear about your predicament. If you haven't heard from your boyfriend in a month, he is no longer your boyfriend. No man who really loved and missed you would ever let a month go by without communicating and wanting to spend time with you because he would not want you to be on your own where other men might ask you out. This guy is too afraid of what you might say if he tried to break it off with you, so he is just doing the classic disappearing act. Ugh.

My advice to you is to "celebrate the match" and move on. Look at all the positive qualities you manifested in this man: he owned a business, said he loved you, etc., whatever positive traits he had. Then make your list of what you want in your ideal guy and add to it all the things this guy DIDN'T have. See my page on Who is my soulmate?. Your current guy was not a match to EVERYTHING you probably wanted on your list, so the Universe sorted him out for you, to make room for someone better. This is always how the Law of Attraction works.

Then make a list of reasons why you are awesome and special and make an amazing girlfriend. If you can stay positive about yourself and expect the next guy to be even better, someone new will show up in no time and he'll be an even better match than this guy was.

Take care and happy dating!

Coach Theresa

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