Sex & the 60's: How to Survive as a Senior Woman in Today's Dating World...

by Irene

As I was rushing back home without any specific task in mind, I stopped to have a second look at a book lying amidst a somewhat scattered lot displayed by street vendor. Frankly it was the title, Sex & the 60's (by Cissy Wechter), that caught my attention! I was around 60 then and getting over the break off with a guy who was my husband for some twenty long years.

As I drew closer, a punch line appearing just below the title that included “women in today’s dating world” raised my curiosity even further...

Cut to now: this book has been one of the very few that have stayed for over a year on my (single!) bedside table.

How many would even spare a thought about the need for companionship, much less sex, for a woman of sixty? Merely approaching this dubious landmark makes your family members count you out from those entitled to yearn for intimacy, bonding and relationship. The author of the book has been a victim of this attitude and has found her way to survive.

As I read it, I felt as though the author related to my real life situations on more than one occasion. When she talks about how to brave the dating world all over again -- maybe after a long, long gap, all the feelings of guilt I harbored about this desire evaporated.

It was so reassuring to know there was a woman my age who had been successful in choosing a mate she could gel with (and they live together and he is younger!). So, why couldn’t I?

The book has helped me immensely in starting to take life altogether differently. The author does talk about the frustrations, now and then, but counsels us to take them like a younger woman would. I have found the book a must read not only for women of advancing years but also for the practical tips that could benefit the younger gals, as well as some insight for men to help widen their outlook!

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I found it to be an eye opener!
by: Supriya

I really liked the content of this write up -- plain, frank, and encouraging. In fact, most of us don't realize our elders need their private moments as much as we do. As they hardly ever complain about it, their desire to have intimate moments largely goes unnoticed.

I have learned so much from the article. Thanks a lot to your site to have not edited out parts, it seems.

I'm going to be more sensitive now on to let seniors in my family have fuller lives. And that does include that little extra space to enjoy fulfillment with sex when, and the way, they desire!

by: Pat

Only the outer form ages. Who we really are is timeless and in need of love and affection just like all living beings do.

I'll be looking for this book to read.

Thanks for sharing.


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