My Review of "The Game" by Neil Strauss

by Joseph Dobos
(Boston, MA, USA)

I just finished reading "The Game" by New York Times author Neil Strauss. Initially, I was skeptical that this book was going to bring anything new to the table...boy was I dead wrong! This book is bar-none the best dating book I've ever laid my two blue eyes on.

First, the basic story of "The Game". The book chronicles 2-years in the life of author and former luckless ladies man Neil Strauss. After meeting a Pick Up Artists(PUA) at a dating training session, Strauss's life transforms. Through intense training Strauss rises in the ranks from dating disaster to one of the most respected dating gurus on the planet.

During his journey he learns how to hypnotize potential mates, befriends Courtney Love and eventually meets the girl of his dreams.

The book is written in a fun, upbeat style and is as much of a page turner as any Dan Brown novel I've ever read. Any guy that needs some motivation to get out the door and meet women need to read this book. The real moral of the story is that anyone can learn how to get a girl to like you if they are willing to put in the work it requires (make no mistake, Strauss underwent his metamorphosis only through a lot of hard work).

I recommend this book highly to men with all levels of game. Even if you don't learn anything you'll probably enjoy the book as it's a blast to read!

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Ladies, read this book so you never get "played"!
by: Shelly

Thanks for submitting a book review for men on a site devoted to dating advice for women. So many women never even think to crack a book geared towards men and I think they should! This book is exactly the kind of thing that women in their teens and 20's (and even older) should read so they don't get "picked up", played and used by men who just want sex if they are looking for a relationship.

Back in 2007, I was working in an office side by side with a man in his late 20's who was avidly reading this book (along with the Mystery Method, written by the man who was Strauss' idol and professional wingman) and practicing these techniques at bars each weekend, doing his best to get laid. The techniques in this book seemed to work on women who are pretty, but not very bright, very naive, who have low self-esteem or who are also just looking to get laid. I read through the book and thought that I must be unusual because that nonsense didn't work on me and frankly, never had.

Turns out, they didn't work on me because 1) I didn't expect to find a relationship at a club or bar and 2) I have enough savvy to realize when someone wants to date me or someone just wants to sleep with me and I wanted a boyfriend and wasn't willing to have sex without exclusivity.

By the end of the book, Strauss realizes he's gotten plenty of women in bed, but he's a schmuck and wants a girlfriend. Good for him.

Ladies... if you've ever slept with someone and they didn't call or you felt you got played or used, read this book because you'll finally understand the "seduction techniques" the players used on you and you'll never be naive again. You deserve a real man!

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