I haven't heard from him in 6 days. Am I doing the right thing?

by Temeka

Question: For about two months I have been talking to this guy and we really seem to hit it off. The first two weeks I wouldn't go out with him because to be honest I got little scared. So because I would not go out with him he send me a text that left me a little confused. So when I texted him back and called and left a message he never did respond. So I read that as he was done

talking to me. No biggie for me. Like I always say "Another one bites the dust". So I moved on, deleted his number and kept on pushing.

Then a week later he texted me again so I asked him why didn't he respond to my text or message and he said because he didn't want to try again and be turned down. Ok. I can understand that. So I gave him another chance. So a week after reconnecting I finally go out with him.

In the beginning he used to text me good morning and good night everyday, Now I get nothing. He barely calls. And then he texted me one day to see how I was doing. I responded. Then he said he had to go because had to get up early and that he would call me on Friday. That was Wednesday and now it's Tuesday. So I haven't heard from him in 6 days. And I refuse to call or text him. What's up with that and am I doing the right thing?

Answer from Coach Theresa: Hi Temeka,

You did the right thing by not calling or texting him anymore. I hate to say this, but for whatever reason, he is
just not that into you. Men don't send mixed signals. Either he likes you and calls, texts and asks you out often, or he doesn't. But it's never about you. If he doesn't call, text or ask you out, HE is not a match to the wonderful man who is in your "vortex" (where the Law of Attraction has put everything you want that you just need to allow into your life.) so he has no choice but to leave your experience.

We will never know exactly why he did what he did because we can't read his mind. You will never know why someone pursues you and then backs off - maybe another girl he always liked is finally single, maybe he didn't think you guys clicked as well after your date, maybe he only likes to chase girls that are unavailable and once they become available they are no longer attractive to him, maybe he thinks you will dump him eventually if you go out and he's scared to go any further. The point is that it is useless to speculate because you can't read his mind so it will just make you crazy to do so.

However, this experience caused you to put more into your "vibrational escrow" of what you DO want in future guys: someone who calls and texts daily and is "all-in" so you never have to ask "what is up with that" again!

So, just continue to be your best self, have fun, be happy, celebrate the match and move on! As long as you continue to be happy no matter what, a better man will come along and soon!

Hope that helps!

Take care and happy dating,
Coach Theresa

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two weeks
by: MCR

I met a guy online and in my mind we really hit it off. We grew up a mile away from each other in the same city, love all the same foods, politics are the same, we finished each other's sentences. For about two months we talked on the phone texted BUT we only went on three dates. And that was troubling to me. We had the usual hour and a half phone conversation two weeks ago and he did not suggest hanging out. I was confused and disappointed. the next day, I texted him: This is super hard for me, keep that in mind. You do not seem interested in getting together and I am going to interpret that as I will. That was two weeks ago and he did not respond at all. and I am vexed. Otherwise, he responded to all of my texts within minutes. It would seem he would want to send me a "lets be friends text" or give me a "lets be friends speech." We had thoughtful conversations and it confuses me that he could drop me like a hot potato. I am still thinking abt it!!!! I don't want to text him again but I want to stop thinking about it!!!!

From Coach Theresa: Don't text him. For whatever reason, he is not that into you and it's his loss. Every time you think of him, say "I release you to your highest good" and then imagine being with someone who treats you the way you deserve. Remind yourself what a great catch you are and make sure to do fun things and before you know it, someone way better will come along.

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