How to Mend Your Broken Heart: Overcome Emotional Pain at the End of a Relationship

by Theresa Tetley
(Los Angeles)

If you have ever suffered excessively after a breakup and don't totally feel like yourself, then you have to check out How to Mend Your Broken Heart by Paul McKenna. This book has been a godsend to me! (I think there may also be a newer version available, titled I Can Mend Your Broken Heart.)

I love to be in love and despite having my heart broken many times, I am still searching for love and companionship, so I had to find a way to put the past behind me.

I had one particular horrible heartbreak -- after thinking I had met the man of my dreams, my fiance woke up one day with the calling to become a Catholic priest -- and I just couldn't seem to get over the pain, even after a year of other methods, so I decided to give this book a try.

Not every exercise was pertinent to my situation, but after a few hours of doing exercises such as the Threshold Technique, an NLP process where you first think of the good memories of the person, followed by quickly reviewing over and over the negative ones, I was over this man for good!

It has been 6 months since I did the exercises that healed me and I am still healed!! And I went back and used the techniques on every old hurt I'd felt from previous relationships so I can honestly say my baggage is "carry-on only"!

If I ever get my heart broken again I will go back and do more of these exercises. They are a miracle... and healing my heart means that I'm truly open for someone else.

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This book did wonders for me!
by: Tanya

I didn't have money to pay for coaching so I took your advice and bought this book on

Thank you Theresa, so much, for pointing me in the right direction! So many other break up books tell you the same old garbage: stay busy, focus on work, exercise more, take a new class, go out with girlfriends and have fun and know it will get better. Yawn.

I've never been one to get into the self-help books and processes before, but I just couldn't take feeling so miserable. I worked through the different exercises in the book (like the threshold technique you told me about) and found myself feeling lighter and lighter. Instead of putting a band-aid on my feelings, I was actually letting go of the pain for good.

Thanks again for your recommendation.

You are welcome!
by: Coach Theresa

I'm so glad I could point you in the right direction! I really love sharing quality books, products, and services that have helped me and my clients.

Take care and happy dating!

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