"Finding The Right Man For You: Dating Advice For Women"

by Lawrence J. Danks
(New Jersey)

From the Author: Obviously not every woman "needs a man", or wants one in her life, but I wrote "Finding The Right Man For You" to help women who do.

I believe that love knows no age bounds. The problem is that because women have setbacks, sometimes in the form of a divorce, bad relationships or a death, if they are over forty or fifty, some think that it is all over for them and that, "I'll never meet anybody." Other times even younger women can have a hard time meeting men, and even if they can, have difficulty identifying who the right man is for them.

Over a dozen women added their pre-publication insights, experiences and suggestions, many of which I have included in the book. It helped me improve the book a great deal and I am very appreciative of their help.

The book's twenty eight chapters are intended to help women who are single, divorced or widowed. Dating is never easy. And it only gets more difficult after thirty. While younger women may have easier accessibility to men, the oversupply can shrink as they get older, creating a wholly different situation. For women over thirty, dating becomes even more difficult and sometimes more uncomfortable.

I wrote Finding The Right Man For You -- for you -- and any of your friends who are desirous of finding a good man to form a couple that can lead to a happier and more fulfilled life for both of you.

Lawrence J. Danks
Author: "Finding The Right Man For You: Dating Advice For Women"

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