Crazy Little Risk Called Love: Wiser Decisions. Better Relationships

by Yuval Bar-Or
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

Crazy Little Risk Called Love by Yuval Bar-Or

Crazy Little Risk Called Love by Yuval Bar-Or

From the author: Biologically and psychologically, we are hard-wired to seek and participate in intimate relationships. But such activities come with significant risks. The number of couples who live “happily ever after” is small. From a risk-management perspective, our repeated voluntary exposure to love risk appears highly irrational.

In this book, I look at love from a fresh perspective: that of a risk manager. In doing so I attempt the impossible — trying to view objectively what is inherently an emotion-laden challenge.

This book is designed to provide a light-hearted exploration of love, human sexuality, risk, and loss. Most importantly, it explores practical solutions for reducing love risk, helping us to enjoy more of love’s highs and experience fewer of its lows.

“Crazy Little Risk Called Love” identifies love-related risks and potential physical, emotional and financial losses or damages; extols love’s benefits; discusses the tradeoffs between those risks and rewards; lists tools and actions we can take to reduce love risk; exhorts readers to change their attitudes about love and related taboos; suggests ways to improve judgment and decision making; and reminds us of the crucial role love plays within our planet’s fragile yet magical eco-system.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Yuval Bar-Or, Ph.D.

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