Conscious Dating: Finding The Love of Your Life in Today’s World

by Seema

If you are serious about finding your perfect soul mate, Conscious Dating by David Steele is the perfect book for you. When I read the book, I felt that it was not simply written for either women or men; it is a book that gives you tips and advice on how to make a date turn from disaster to success and then how to excel in that relationship.

The main thing that serious people look for is happiness in a relationship -- and it is only then that the relationship flourishes and is long-lasting.

I personally felt that the book has in-depth knowledge of what exactly a healthy relationship between a man and a woman could be when they really love each other. The strategies depicted here seem to me to be proven and tested as they are supported with real world and personal stories.

The writer is a marriage and family therapist and is well versed with the twists and turns that one can go through while looking for a perfect relationship. He wants you to recognize your own self and your desire. One thing he makes clear is the distinction between dating for relationship practice, dating to find a life partner, and the big mistake of "dating to mate" and how to tell which of these you are doing and which one you should be doing.

Along with all this he offers ten principles of conscious dating and wants to change the way you look at dating. In my opinion it is a must read book for both men and women.

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